Cleartech can supply sample cylinders with a variety of special coatings to reduce the adsorption of trace components such as Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) and Mercury (Hg) in the sample cylinder. This will greatly improve the accuracy of analysis when compared to using uncoated sample cylinders. This is particularly important when only low concentrations of H2S or Hg are in the reservoir fluid. Cylinders are available with Dursan, Sulfinert and Tech-12 coatings.


Sample cylinders are available in a variety of different metallurgies, Cleartech have specialised in providing cylinders suitable for a wide range of reservoir fluids. Cylinders that are to be used in high H2S environment need careful selection, and NACE MR0175 limits the use of 17-4PH stainless steel cylinders to relatively low levels of H2S due to the possibility of sulphide stress cracking which can lead to catastrophic failure of the sample cylinder. For sour service our Inconel cylinders can be used for any level of H2S concentration. A major advantage with these cylinders is that whatever the reservoir produces the cylinders can safely handle the fluids and present no risks to personnel involved in sampling, transportation or analysis. We also know that whatever fluid the cylinder was exposed to on a previous job will not present a risk for the next job. Check our competitve prices, you might be surprised at the minimal price differences between our Inconel cylinders and conventional 17-4PH stainless.


All Cleartech cylinders are approved for transportation by TPED or DNV and will be supplied with current pressure test certification. Our maintenance procedures are thorough and we will supply cylinders free from contamination and fully redressed ready for service. All cylinders come in transportation containers that meet IATA regulations.